Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care is an especially broad career sector, with lots of potential career paths. It’s all about helping people:

  • Careers in healthcare are all about helping people who are having problems with their physical health.
  • Careers in social care are concerned with helping vulnerable people in the community and providing them with support so that they can benefit from a much more improved way of life.

The Study Programme training usually starts at Level 1 in the first year, progressing to levels 2 and 3 thereafter. These higher qualifications can either still be within the Study Programme or else within an employed Apprenticeship framework.

The Level 1 qualification is an introduction to the practical skills and knowledge you need to achieve a Certificate in an Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s & Young People’s Settings. This is awarded by NCFE and delivered through a mixture of classroom based learning and work placement.

The Level 2 qualification is a Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults) for England awarded by NCFE. Building on the knowledge gained at Level 1, this is a substantial qualification that is the minimum requirement for a career in the sector.

The Level 3 qualification is also a Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults) for England awarded by NCFE and frequently delivered within an apprenticeship framework.