Apprenticeships are for everyone – take a read of Amanda’s story.

09 Apr 2024

I have really enjoyed studying my level 3 Diploma in Lead Adult Social Care as an Apprenticeship. It has enabled me to study around my work in social care.


Not only did I complete my mandatory units but I was able to pick the optional units that interested me. It has involved lots of research into many different topics and I have learnt so much on this journey that I have been able to use in my different roles.  On this journey I have changed jobs, as well as being a carer and senior carer, I am now also the Train the Trainer for The Care Company and can use what I have learnt in my studies to share with our carers during training.


As I am an agency worker, I was able to have my observations done in the different homes that I’ve worked in and have been fortunate to get as much help and support from my assessor Tracie.


I have now been accepted onto a Nursing Associate Apprenticeships as a result of completing my Level 3 Diploma, and I begin this in September at Stafford University. The Care Company have supported me through my Diploma Level 3 and are continuing to support me through my Nursing Associate Apprenticeship.


Tutor Comments


Amanda has come such a long way from when I first met her as a carer in a Nursing Home. She signed up for her Level 2 in Adult Care before the pandemic, and was doing very well, until her training provider closed during Covid-19.


Undeterred Amanda then signed up to her level 3 Apprenticeship with E.Quality Training so she could gain promotion to a Senior Carer. Which she promptly did! Amanda was working very well with her qualification when she decided to move into agency work with The Care Company and they were more than happy for Amanda to continue with her Apprenticeship and to support her.


She continued with her research and studies and handing in excellent assignments on both her mandatory and optional units, these assignments were extremely comprehensive and I could see the research she had completed and also the knowledge she had gained was. Amanda was also able to reflect on each assignment by adding in what she did at The Care Company and providing some excellent appropriate examples.


Amanda’s knowledge, experience and skills soon became noticed at The Care Company and they decided to utilize these further and sent her on a Train the Trainer Course so she could then take over the induction and annual training of all the care staff at The Care Company. This is something Amanda enjoyed learning about, then using these new-found skills, her knowledge from her Diploma and her own personal experiences in care she has now become the Trainer at The Care Company and is loving being able to pass on her knowledge, skills and experience to other carers.


Again, The Care Company have noticed Amanda’s skills and knowledge and are now supporting her to progress onto a Nursing Associate Degree with Stafford University. Amanda is really looking forward to this and I am sure she will excel in this also. Amanda has a thirst for knowledge but most importantly a keenness to improve the care for people that need the help of carers and Nurses.


Amanda has achieved certificates in Level 3 Diploma in Lead Adult Care Worker, Level 2 Functional Skills Maths and Level 2 Functional Skills in English and finally a MERIT in her End Point Assessment. 😊


Well Done Amanda and keep up the amazing work you are doing.

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